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List drawing: Dave/Victor

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Apr. 11th, 2010 | 12:12 am
location: Compucraig
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music: JIZZ IN MY PANTS: Lonely Island (=DD)

That is indeed a slash you're seeing. Do not adjust your screen.

But it's pretty weak. xD

Oh Dave and Victor. The only ones where we don't question when one of them is wearing a pretty dress and crown.

No. I'm goddamn serious.

Dave and Victor... used to hate each other! Uh huh. Trufax.
But as most anime proves, when a couple hate each other, they will eventually f*ck.

Their Coup De Gras happened after they took over the school and traumatised everyone in it.
Poor Jack.

Anyway, Dave wasn't gay when we first made him! Really. He actually used to have a REALLY creepy crush/love/OBSESSION with Jillian McFee. And he did up until Victor used his queer-boy wiles on him to seduce the socks right off of poor Dave.

Aaaannndd Victor. Good old Victor. This is one guy who will not hesitate to tell you that he hates your shoes/hates your hair/wants to bone you. You're safe from the last one if you're female. Like, TOTALLY home free.

They got really gay really fast. One math class rp and.... well this.
We're still really happy that Mr. St*ck didn't care or didn't notice. That would have been mortifying. But we still would have lol'd.

Uhmmmmmm We don't know which is coming next. You'll know when we do.

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